Intel brings a six-core i9 CPU to laptops

The Asus ROG G703 is one of the first laptops to sport Intel's Core i9 mobile processor.                  Sean Hollister  CNET

The Asus ROG G703 is one of the first laptops to sport Intel's Core i9 mobile processor. Sean Hollister CNET

The mobile Core i9 chip looks like the Xenon E-2186 which includes same clock speeds, core counts, thermal design and many more.

Asus ROG G703 The Asus ROG G703 pairs up the new Intel Core i9-8950HK processor with Nvidia GTX 1080 for unparalleled performance in a gaming laptop. The 8850H and 8750H come with 6 cores and 12 threads, with Turbo Boost speeds of 4.3GHz and 4.2GHz, respectively.

All three new types of product are aimed to give Intel what it needs to deliver top-tier performance for every laptop price point, goal and form factor.

Along with these attractive new Coffee Lake chips, Intel added a support for Optane memory to both the eighth-generation mobile and desktop chips. When playing Total War: Warhammer II, you can expect a 41 percent increase in frames per second. They're not almost as exciting as the company's higher-end options, or even its low-powered ultraportable options, but they're still notable upgrades for average shoppers.

With the Coffee Lake H and U series, the chipmaker wants to improve the experience of gamers, as well as general users respectively.

But now Intel is offering the Core i9 for the laptop sector to provide those users with "the best gaming and content creation experience on the go". This 8th Gen Intel Core processor family provides a powerful mobile platform for creators.

Intel reported the primary Core i9 8th era chips for laptops today.

Of course, the new U-series 8th gen Coffee Lake CPUs will make use of the new mobile 300-series chipset which brings enhanced audio and I/O capabilities including integrated Intel Wireless-AC and USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps).

So, taking into account all these performance improvements, are you planning to purchase an Intel i9-powered laptop in the near future? It's also backwards compatible with older chipsets but only adds the new Optane-specific features to 200-Series chipsets.

Intel also announced that its Core i7 - 8259U, i5-8269U, and i7-8559U will be quad core processors with eight threads but will be coming with Iris Plus graphics instead of the UHD Graphics 620.

Intel Optane, a system accelerator for increasing the performance and responsiveness of SATA-based storage technology, is available across both 8th Gen Intel Core mobile and desktop platforms.

Intel's new 300-Series chipset launch comes with a welcome addition created to dramatically increase your system's responsiveness.

The Optane-fueled Data Drive Acceleration helps the secondary HDDs by boosting their load times.

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