Julian Edelman Alerted Police After Boy Made School Shooting Threat on Instagram

Patriots WR Julian Edelman might have helped prevent a school shooting

Patriots WR Julian Edelman might have helped prevent a school shooting

Edelman soon received a message from an Instagram user warning him about the threat.

The vigilance of Julian Edelman and one of his Instagram followers may have thwarted a school shooting, according to the New York Times.

One of the red flags left by Cruz was a YouTube comment: "Im going to be a professional school shooter".

Law enforcement officials traced the IP address of the comment to Port Huron, Michigan and notified the police there. There they arrested a 14-year-old boy, who had access to two rifles belonging to his mother. The boy, whose threat was aimed at the middle school he attends, was taken to a youth detention center and charged with making a false report of a threat of terrorism.

A MI county prosecutor added, "The last thing I want to do is prosecute a 16-year-old kid for doing something dumb, but when we have to stop everything we're doing, whose to say that this one is a false threat?"

Moen told the Times she updated Edelman on the police's findings and both realized they might have helped avert a deadly situation.

A social media message to New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has led police to a teenager who posted a threat about shooting up his school.

According to the report, Edelman asked his assistant to read through the comments on his post and sure enough, she found the above-mentioned threat.

Edelman said, a reference to the Parkland school shooting that killed 17 at Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School in February. "I'm glad that nothing happened", the boy told 7News. "All of us, including players, are learning together to take these kinds of things very seriously". They plan to send him a care package.

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