Microsoft Restructuring Sees Exit Of Veteran Terry Myerson

Search the web and Windows is not exactly clear

Search the web and Windows is not exactly clear

Terry Myerson, a Microsoft executive who oversees its Windows and devices divisions, will leave the Seattle technology giant as part of a major corporate restructuring, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Thursday in an e-mail to employees at the company. The erstwhile Window team has been divided into two engineering teams.

New Engineering Teams Under Jha, the new Experiences & Devices team will be responsible for creating "a unifying product ethos across our end-user experiences and devices", particularly for mobile and multi-device users, according to Nadella.

Today, cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft and Google have become the internet equivalent of Windows, the dominant operating system of the personal computer era. The WDG is being disbanded and band leader Terry Myerson is retiring from Microsoft. He has been supervising the company's products including Surface, Xbox and HoloLens Mixed Reality and services such as Windows and Office.

Myerson's departure signals Nadella's continued push to make the Windows operating system less central to Microsoft's ambitions in the years ahead.

Nadella said that Myerson helped to plan the reorg and will be on standby to help during the transition.

An interesting sign thus far is head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar penning the latest Windows blog with Brandon LeBlanc and asking Windows 10 Insiders to sign for testing Office.

"Having a chief product officer is an indication that the company is leaning more into hardware products, not backing off", he told SiliconANGLE.

Jason Zander has been promoted to executive vice president, Azure, and will lead this team.

But with the revamp, the Windows group will be smaller and its engineering efforts dispersed. Certain parts of Microsoft's AI + Research group are also moving to Guthrie's organization.

Most of the actual product groups will stay intact as Panos Panay (devices), Joe Belfiore (Windows), Kudo Tsunoda (new experiences and technology), and Brad Anderson (enterprise) will handle their respective divisions within the new group.

Furthermore, WDG's other segment is being moved to Cloud+AI, which is to be led by Scott Guthrie, another Microsoft veteran.

Finally, Harry Shum will continue to serve in his role as executive vice president of Microsoft's AI + Research unit.

The Cloud and AI team will focus on cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure, services and knowledge.

"We'll talk more about these changes at the Q&A next week and the important work ahead", Nadella said.

AI Ethics Group Nadella also announced the formation of a new committee charged with navigating the legal and ethical issues resulting from advances in AI.

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