'Miracle baby' born four years after parents were killed

'Miracle baby' born four years after parents were killed

'Miracle baby' born four years after parents were killed

The couple had chose to try in vitro fertilization after two years of marriage but, five days before one of the fertilized embryos were scheduled to be transplanted, they died in a auto accident in March 2013. Instead, they would tell him that his parents had gone overseas.

For the next three years, the parents of the couple fought a legal battle to be allowed use of the embryo.

After the four grandparents won the right to the embryos, a woman from Laos became their surrogate and gave birth to a baby boy this past December.

Shen and Liu's baby boy, named Tiantian, was eventually born in a hospital in Guangzhou in December 2017, more than four years after his parents died.

It was to have been implanted in the womb of Liu Xi, but she and her husband of two years, Shen Jie, died in a 2013 vehicle crash just five days before the scheduled procedure, reports the Guardian.

It was the first case of its kind and there was no regulation in China advising how to handle untransplanted embryos, so the grandparents were embarking on new legal territory.

Surrogacy is illegal in China, forcing those who can afford it to look for potential options overseas.

According to reports as cited by BBC, there was no precedent as to whether they could inherit their children's frozen embryos.

As surrogacy remains illegal in China, the parents had to seek expert medical help overseas and eventually hired a 27-year-old surrogate mother from Laos to deliver the child.

The embryos also had to be transported by auto as no airline was willing to take responsibility for a thermos-sized bottle of liquid nitrogen.

With no parents left to prove paternity, all four grandparents had to give blood and take DNA tests to establish that the baby was indeed their grandson and that both parents had been Chinese nationals.

The mother and father of those deceased bunch repeatedly visited with the hospital in Nanjing at which the frozen embryos have been stored, but senior hospital officials repeatedly denied to meet with them. We will definitely tell him in the future.

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