Philadelphia Starbucks Manager Is Under Review Following Controversial Arrest of Black Men

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Johnson said the company would further train workers on when to call police and host a company-wide meeting to "underscore our long-standing commitment to treating one another with respect and dignity".

"I'm tired of the continued racial profiling against communities of color, I'm tired of the weak corporate response when these incident (s) happen, & I'm tired of leaders standing by while disparate treatment of people of color makes headlines every single week", tweeted Kevin Johnson, a candidate for Pennsylvania's 3rd District in the US House of Representatives. "Finally as we're working to solve this, I'd like to invite them to join me in finding a constructive way to solve this issue". "What did they get called for?"

"The circumstances surrounding the incident and the outcome in our store on Thursday were reprehensible... they were wrong", Mr Johnson told ABC News on Monday morning. Protesters were in front of the store Monday, and some of the protestors went inside the store when heavy rains started. More protests and a news conference are expected in the afternoon. Some hid, while others stood at a distance. On Twitter, several black men and women weighed in and opened up about their own anxieties about spending time in public places like Starbucks.

"I look over at them and they are looking at the police like 'what's going on?' and the police tell them they are being asked to leave because they aren't buying anything", said Michelle Saahene, an eyewitness.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said his officers "reluctantly" arrested them. That's his crew; they look just like that.' And so this was deeply personal for me to figure out what is going on here. "In fact, they were really trying not to make an arrest in this case", Ross said. On Sunday, the demonstrations began around noon when protesters showed up holding signs and shouting messages of anger outside the coffee shop. But in this case, Johnson said, there was absolutely no reason to call police.

A bystander captured the scene with a cellphone camera, and the trespass arrest went viral on social media soon becoming conflated to an incident of racial discrimination, with comments ranging from anecdotal to speculative that whites would not have been booted from the shop for failing to become a customer.

If you like this story, share it with a friend! "Our store manager never intended for these men to be arrested and this should never have escalated as it did".

No charges were filed against the men. "They put their bodies on the line", said Asa Khalif.

He did not say whether the manager at the Philadelphia location would be fired. But by the time Yaffe arrived, the manager had called 911 and the two men were surrounded by seven police officers, who led them away in handcuffs. "As for the Starbucks employees, while it will ultimately be up to the company to decide whether their employees acted within the spirit of their organizational policies, they certainly broke no laws either". He informs police that the people they were about to take into custody were "not trespassing" and were meeting him there.

Some have argued that if these two men had been soccer moms they would not have been arrested.

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