Pub groups reveal gender pay gap figures

Pub groups reveal gender pay gap figures

Pub groups reveal gender pay gap figures

Millwall Holdings PLC reported a median gender pay gap of 80%, compared to an average across all companies who have submitted data of 12%.

Ryanair, which published its report on Tuesday, paid men on average 71.8% more than women.

Meanwhile Cumberland Building Society has a gender pay gap of 41 per cent, Shawbrook Bank has a gap of 40 per cent, Octopus Capital has a pay gap of 38 per cent, while RBS, Lloyds, Clydesdale Bank and Santander all have a pay gap of 37 per cent.

British Prime Minister Theresa May introduced legislation past year to force employers with more than 250 staff to submit their gender pay gap details to the Government Equalities Office.

Since women leave the workforce more often than men, according to this new report, and their breaks tend to last longer, they are disproportionately penalized with lower pay due to career interruptions. has calculated that the hourly average for women working in the biggest companies in the United Kingdom is 14.47% lower than it is for men. The UK Regulations contain no specific penalties for failure to publish, however, there is the potential for significant reputational damage and failing to report or misreporting will amount to an "unlawful act" which can be enforced by the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Close the Gap executive director Anna Ritchie Allan said the findings underline the organisation's concerns about the "limitations of the gender pay gap regulations".

All companies and public sector bodies in the United Kingdom had to submit data on mean and median gender pay gaps to the British government's Equalities Office.

The gallery above shows the 10 employers with the greatest pay gap between men and women in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden, followed by the 10 organisations at the other end of the scale.

It comes after ITN was revealed to have the highest bonus pay gap between men and women of any United Kingdom news media organisation, with a mean gap of 77.2 per cent and a median gap of 50 per cent.

It comes as companies and organisations are submitting their gender pay gap data to the government.

There's also a risk some companies will face public censure and legal action for failing to report their pay gap data at all.

"To combat this, we're focused on encouraging more women into tech roles".

However, the more important issue that came next was what companies would do to address the pay gap, she added.

According to The Guardian, the gap reflects the fact that the vast majority of the sale staff are female shop workers - who may be paid less than a certain number of men in head office roles.

Fixing the pay gap is a long-term problem, but with the figures the problem can be seen clearer than ever.

Ever since 1970's Equal Pay Act it has been against the law to give men and women different pay or conditions for identical work: if a man and a woman are hired at the same time, with the same experience, for the same role, they should get the same pay.

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