Report Says Mo. Gov. 'Coerced' Woman To Have Non-Consensual Oral Sex

Report Says Mo. Gov. 'Coerced' Woman To Have Non-Consensual Oral Sex

Report Says Mo. Gov. 'Coerced' Woman To Have Non-Consensual Oral Sex

In addition to these shocking new claims, the woman testified about previously surfaced allegations that Greitens slapped her and threatened to blackmail her with a nude photo that he took of her without her consent.

The report, along with the governor's pending criminal trial on a felony indictment related to the affair and an investigation by fellow Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley into the activities of a veterans charity founded by Greitens, have created challenges and uncertainty for the former Navy SEAL officer once considered a potential presidential candidate.

The state's Residence Minority Chief Gail McCann Beatty, a Democrat, talked about: "For the nice of the state, Eric Greitens ought to immediately resign" or else the Residence ought to "restore integrity" to the office.

Greitens said in his statement it is an honor to work for the people of Missouri, and he will continue to serve the people of Missouri as their governor and work for people every day.

The Republican governor was indicted for felony invasion of privacy in February in connection to the latter allegation.

The alleged offense occurred in March 2015, before he was elected.

The report included testimony from the woman who Greitens admitted to having an affair with, as well as three other witnesses who largely corroborated what she said.

Burlison indicated that he had no power over state legislators, who "have their jobs and their authority", but hoped "consideration is being given to any. defendant's rights to have a fair trial in front of an impartial jury", according to a transcript released by the defense. But even as she was, as she told the panel, "bawling (her) eyes out", he pulled out his penis, put it close to her face and pressured her into performing oral sex.

"This is a political witch hunt", Greitens said, invoking one of President Donald Trump's favored criticisms of unwanted investigations.

In a press conference shortly before the report was made public, Greitens was defiant, describing the committee's investigation as "a political witch hunt".

On one occasion, she said, he "out of nowhere just, like kind of smacked me and grabbed me and shoved me down on the ground".

Greitens and the woman allegedly ended the affair in October 2015, and she never saw him again, she testified.

After telling Greitens, "I don't want this", the woman testified that Greitens unbound her hands. "I was so embarrassed and ashamed, because I really felt like a whore because I had let him get me in this situation".

Over many hours, the woman told the panel under oath that the governor had slapped her a couple of times, and had coerced her sexually. He later invited her to his St. Louis home while his wife was out of town.

According to the report, the woman testified that she met Greitens in 2013 as a customer of her hair salon.

The then had consensual sex in May of 2015, she said.

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