Resort island in the Philippines was closed to tourists for six months

Resort island in the Philippines was closed to tourists for six months

Resort island in the Philippines was closed to tourists for six months

"South Koreans here agree that Boracay Island needs to be cleaned on a major scale and sprawling development (on the island) needs to be stopped".

The Philippine government's resolution to close the popular tourist destination Boracay for about six months to make it more environment friendly has decided domestic airline carriers to reduce flights to the aforementioned island.

Most of the netizens were disappointed since they had scheduled their Boracay visit months ahead of time, only to be cancelled because of the closure.

To help the clean-up efforts, Taus said "it's just a matter of connecting all the resorts" with the right piping network to water treatment plants that are already in place.

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the once-idyllic white-sand resort closed to tourists for up to six months from April 26, after calling the country's top tourist draw a "cesspool" tainted by raw sewage.

The decision to shut down the island for tourists is expected to "pave the way for the island's restoration as a tourism paradise".

With the initiatives of the local government to cancel tourist activities such as the popular LaBoracay on top of the rising level of pollution in the island, the inter-agency chose to move the shutdown at an earlier date.

About 17,000 are employed in Boracay's tourist establishments, and 10,000 to 12,000 others benefit from the bustling tourism business.

"I hope (there will be) no mess and no chaos, " she added.

She said that even before the ban was announced, its shadow had hit some businesses hard in Boracay.

As for those from the formal sector, the Labor chief said they will issue an advisory to guide their employers.

Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the advisory will be on what can be done to the affected employees during the period. Should they terminate them? "That is the only number we could afford", said Bello.

"Or should they retain them?"

"I am really in a quandary on how to handle six months (of closure)", budget hostel manager Manuel Raagas told AFP. "That is what we are assessing so that we can have their participation during the closure of Boracay", said Bello.

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