Russian woman mistakenly 'embalmed alive' during routine surgery

Ekaterina's mother said that she begged doctors to help- but they told her to go home cook chicken soup and stop worrying

Ekaterina's mother said that she begged doctors to help- but they told her to go home cook chicken soup and stop worrying

A woman has suffered an agonising death after being embalmed alive in a Russian hospital.

Doctors meant to put her on a saline drip, but instead reportedly hooked her up to a formalin solution, which contains formaldehyde and is injected into the veins of corpses to prevent decomposition.

After being put on the wrong drip she began to convulse and slipped into a coma two days later. Later, she was flown to a top Moscow hospital where she died of multiple organ failure.

In large does Formaldehyde solution (formalin) is incredibly risky to humans.

Fedyaeva's mother-in-law, Valentina Fedyaeva, told RT that after the operation, Fedyaeva told her mother, "Mom, I'm dying", but her mother thought that she was just complaining.

"Baryshnikova continued, saying, "[the formalin] was simply eroding her body from the inside", and that the "people who performed the surgery knew that they infused something wrong.

'They needed to take some urgent measures - but they did nothing'.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva was 27 years old and had gone into the hospital in Ulyanovsk for a routine procedure.

"I begged - "please help her, she is my only child", the mother said.

"We had no idea it was formalin.And they knew very well that they washed up her body with a poison - and they did nothing to help..." It was simply eroding her body from inside.

Galina went in search of doctors and found them in a huddle 'discussing how to tell us that a awful mistake had been made'.

She claims a female doctor told her: "A medical mistake took place". She is in coma now, her heart, lungs and liver stopped working.

The victim's mother said doctors initially kept the family in the dark about why the woman's condition was deteriorating, Newsweek reports.

Fedyaeva's family buried her on April 7.

'It wasn't normal saline, they put formalin into her, ' they were informed. Fedyaeva was then rushed to the hospital's intensive care unit overnight as she became increasingly ill. "I spoke to the criminal investigator, and he told me it was negligence".

According to U.K.'s Mirror Online, medics at the regional clinic reportedly used over 50 different drugs in an attempt to save Fedyaeva's life before she was flown to another hospital in Moscow.

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