Ryan Reynolds Comments On Marriage Trouble Rumors Like Only He Can

Ryan Reynolds Shuts Down Rumours Of Marriage Strife In Ryan Reynolds Style

By Alasdair Duncan

Ryan Reynolds has responded to rumors that his marriage to actress Blake Lively is on the rocks in the most ambiguous way possible.

When "IB Times India" reported that the couple was "struggling to spend "quality time" together, Ryan couldn't help but roast the outlet.

Ryan Reynolds once again has pleased fans with a portion of irony! But Reynolds mocked the rumor on his Twitter account in a playful and the most Ryan Reynolds manner ever.

I wish. I could use a little "me time".

I hope someday I will be able to take advantage of your personal time.

Indian website International Business Times quoted OK!

The source had said, "The past few years, Ryan's been working out of town while Blake stays home with the kids".

Tweet on the page of the actor appeared a week after the last exit of the spouses in the light: then they visited the premiere of their old friend Stanley Tucci.

Blake, 30 and her husband have been married for nearly six years and have two daughters together, James, and Ines - but apart from the sweet family time the two enjoy mocking each other on social media.

Last year, Reynolds and Lively trolled each other with amusing social media posts on each others' birthdays.

When Lively's big day rolled around, Reynolds then posted a snap of the two of them but with his wife cropped out, saying: "Happy Birthday to my incredible wife".

"Happy birthday, baby", she wrote.

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