Saturday's blue moon will be the last until Halloween 2020

Saturday's blue moon will be the last until Halloween 2020

Saturday's blue moon will be the last until Halloween 2020

The fact that it's a Paschal Moon means it's the first full moon of spring.

The super moon phenomenon happens when the full moon coincides with the closest point of the moon's orbit to earth.

Full moons themselves are not rare, as they occur nearly every 29 days, but a blue moon is a rare event.

Sky watchers should not miss the chance the see the blue moon this Easter weekend. NASA says this particular event probably generated the phrase "Blue Moon," but volcanoes aren't the only reason a moon can look blue. The event can happen once in 2.66 years and whenever it takes place, the second full moon is called the "Blue Moon".

There's nearly always a full moon in February.

Despite its name, A Blue Moon do not emit a blue hue. A Super Blue Blood Moon delighted skywatchers on january 31. However, she notes that it is still several days away and the forecast details remain uncertain.

Both the January and March 2018 Blue Moons are blue in name only. An area of low pressure may bring clouds, along with snow and rain to much of the Midwest and Great Lakes region Saturday morning.

The blue moon of March or the Sap moon is considered significant.

There are plenty of other factors that set the exact date of Easter, including Golden Numbers and when the Equinox falls, so the Paschal Moon is not an exact science.

Here's what you need to know about March's full moons - the "worm moon" and the "blue moon" - and the parade of planets that put on a show during the first week of March. Instead, it refers to the appearance of an additional full moon in a given time period. And yet, though it will be many things, the upcoming Blue Moon will not, however, be literally blue.

The term blue moon is a derivation from an Old English word for betrayer.

The exact time the moon will be full will be at 1.36pm BST, although obviously this won't be visible to us.

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