Sinclair forced TV anchors to criticize "fake" news-and Trump loved it

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The president came to the company's defense Monday, since they're a big cheerleader for him.

Sinclair Broadcasting owns more than 190 stations nationwide, and is awaiting government approval to buy even more, expanding their reach from 40 percent to over 70 percent of the nation's households.

Trump's tweet was referring specifically to a recent controversy where Sinclair, the country's largest broadcaster with 193 owned or operated TV stations, required some of its anchors to read a script warning of biased news.

News anchors who work for Sinclair Broadcast Group stations throughout the country have recorded the same promotional announcement that warns viewers about the perils of "fake news".

The company is now offering $3.9 billion to purchase Tribune Media, which owns WGNO-TV and WNOL-TV in New Orleans.

"Commentary has included tirades against undocumented immigrants and what Trump would call fake news... it's very much in line with the agenda of the president", he said.

In December, Sinclair was fined $13.4 million by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for running more than 1,700 paid commercials for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, which were meant to look like news broadcasts.

While it's not surprising that a private business like Sinclair can tell their employees to include the message in their script, one Sinclair journalist explained to the Los Angeles Times' Matt Pearce that anchors can't even quit in protest without taking a financial hit.

Sinclair is known for its conservative agenda and received backlash for showing favoritism toward Trump, while highlighting the negative aspects of the Clinton campaign.

The Times noted that past year Sinclair had asked its stations to air a piece from Scott Livingston, who is now the company's senior vice president of news. "This is extremely risky to a democracy", the anchors read in the video.

Mary Nam, an anchor at Sinclair's Seattle station KOMO-TV, took a shot at Trump and her own employer after the president suggested that the matter is a "total joke". If Sinclair Broadcasting grows to encompass 70 percent of American networks, it will affect not only the media diet of many people, but their viewpoints and political ideologies going forward.

These segments, including the anti-fake news promo, are supposed to run frequently during news time, according to CNN.

Sinclair owns or operates 193 TV stations in 89 USA markets, and it has repeatedly required them to run segments that spread right-wing messages. "By contrast, we have hundreds and hundreds of journalists in Sinclair, who go into the field each day, conduct their own original interviews -face-to-face-and create truly original content for our their local audiences".

Naturally, people were not happy with the blatant silencing of the freedom of the press.

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