Spotify's free version is getting some much needed updates



Free users now get a Pick and Play option of 15 "self-driving" playlists-including Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar-where they can play songs in any order with unlimited skips. This ability to play songs as you prefer will give users more freedom to actually experiment with what they listen to, Zafar said. Spotify must feel its rivals breathing down its neck, some of these include: Amazon Prime, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, all of which are backed by companies who have much deeper pockets than Spotify, meaning their music streaming platforms can afford to take losses, something Spotify cannot.

When a user signs up, Spotify will ask them to select at least five artists that they like, so that the firm can build recommendations and playlists around those interests. The new experience will be rolling out to iOS and Android globally in the coming weeks.

The company introduced other new features to the mobile app on Tuesday. This allows Spotify to provide free users with personalized playlists as soon as possible. In short: the more of your favorite songs you listen to repeatedly, the less data it will likely cost you. It was a huge part of Spotify's free-tier growth.

"At Spotify, we believe in music for everyone - and today, we are one step closer to making that a reality", said Söderström. And with rumours of Spotify heading towards India, it is definitely going to gain a lot of attraction since consumers here aren't very keen when it comes to paying for services.

Over in the world of music, it's much the same, and while Australian versions of services don't always have the ads, frequently they do, and they usually cut down on the features, as well. Indeed, Spotify notes that 60 percent of its Premium subscriptions started out as free users. While the new, free Spotify still comes with ads, the lines between the paid and unpaid models are blurring. You'll see the new features and have access to more music at the free level. Spotify also shared its latest subscriber numbers: 71 million paid customers and 90 million free users.

"We are creatively using the user's device to cache, store music so they can listen to it ahead of time".

Spotify now operates a two-tier system - premium and free.

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