Uganda Mourns 4 UPDF Soldiers Killed By Al Shabaab in Somalia

Kenya rift

Chasm suspected to have been caused by a heavy downpour along an underground fault-line in Kenya Thomas Mukoya Reuters

Heavily-armed Al-Shabaab militants attacked an African Union military camp outside Mogadishu on Sunday, killing four Ugandan peacekeepers, their army said.

Al-Shabaab said that there were civilians among the slain, with some reports saying three civilians were in the vehicle. "Our fighters also attacked five other bases", Mus'ab said.

Major Nur Ali told Reuters that Somali and AMISOM forces had attacked al Shabaab in rural areas near the base on Saturday night.

At least 22 of the attackers were killed and the rest were repelled, he said.

The Ugandan military, meanwhile, has only confirmed the deaths of four soldiers.

"That attack was repulsed but several soldiers have lost their lives to the bomb", said Hassan.

However, Brig Karemire rebutted: "Do not fall into the propaganda of al-Shabaab. 11 years since UPDF sent troops to Somalia's civil war, there seems to be no end plan", Former FDC party president, Dr Kizza Besigye said Monday.

Al-Shabab militants, however, still retain a significant presence, reportedly roaming freely and posing a threat in regions outside the capital where the central government has little control.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated insurgent group al-Shabaab claimed that it had killed 59 Ugandan troops, a claim the Somali Security Ministry spokesman had denied.

The group was pushed out of Mogadishu in 2011 by Somali troops backed by AMISOM soldiers.

The Somali government appeared to confirm that the poet was among the slain, but defended the United States attack, saying that his poetry could "incite violence" and had at times been used in al-Shabaab recruiting materials.

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