WhatsApp Sets Minimum Age To Adhere The European Guidelines

Data Protection – Watkinson Black

Data Protection – Watkinson Black 0

You can read the new rule in WhatsApp's updated Terms of Service agreement.

The messaging service will now ask users in the 28 European Union states to confirm that they are aged 16 or older as part of a prompt when they are asked to accept the new terms of service and updated privacy policy.

WhatsApp have introduced a major rule change - and it's bound to annoy millions of users.

It's made new changes beyond raising the age limit, including allowing users to download a copy of their data from WhatsApp, which will contain their contacts and any numbers they've blocked. It will ask teenage users to nominate a parent or guardian to give permission for them to share information on the platform. In the past, it has come under vast scrutiny from some European governments because of its end-to-end encrypted messaging system and its plan to share personal information of its users with Facebook.

WhatsApp would soon be increasing the minimum age limit for its users to sixteen throughout Europe.

The change, prompted in part by the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws in the European Union, is created to make the company's policies easier to understand. As a part of new data privacy policies, this move from WhatsApp will comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on May 25.

It's not quite clear how WhatsApp plans to enforce its 16-or-over rule.

WhatsApp's minimum age of use will remain 13 years in the rest of the world. This has also led to increased awareness among the users to be more vigilant of the data that the companies store and what use they make of it.

WhatApp's approach to the data protection laws differs from that of its parent company, says The Verge.

Facebook users in the United States are scheduled in coming weeks to see a series of new consent screens explaining how the company collects and uses personal data and asking permission for these uses.

Also, note that during those 3 days if you try to delete your account or change your number or the device, it will cancel your request.

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