Who Is "Wake Me Up" Singer Aloe Blacc on American Idol?

Michelle Sussett sings

Who Is "Wake Me Up" Singer Aloe Blacc on American Idol?

Their voices blend perfectly together, but as I noted yesterday, I don't think Trevor has shown he has what it takes to be this season's country singer standout - especially with Layla and Gabby Barrett still in the mix.

Katy said it was "so special", insisting Dennis must keep going and continue writing songs.

Kay Kay struggled hearing herself with a band and her first singing partner in Pat Monahan from Train. The Top 24 grouping has featured plenty of fantastic performances, but it is nearly time for the live show finalists to be revealed and it looks like this is definitely a buzzworthy group.

Lionel Richie said that that gift was "another in your arsenal", and Luke Bryan said "I'm sold", with no hesitation.

Bishop returns to the Idol stage to sing with Trevor McBane. Kay Kay Alexis, Dominique, and Brandon Diaz were all elimiated after they performed good duets as well, and Katy even admitted that it was hard to make the decisions to send those artists home. He sang Lionel Richie's "Hello" and he did not outshine the original version of the track.

On the advice of the judges, New Hampshire native Kay Kay tried to "get lost" in her performance of Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" and succeeded.

Last night's American Idol episode featured the 12 contestants performing with either Andy Grammer, Bishop Briggs, Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland, Aloe Blacc, Luis Fonsi, Allen Stone, or Pat Monahan.

"I'm gonna say something that might sound a little bit weird, but stay with me", Katy advises. "I was homeless out here", Lorenzo told Stone. "It's cool to meet somebody who can sing circles around me", Stone admitted to Lorenzo, while later stating about him, "Guy sings like an angel. It's incredible, man." And Stone seemed to have an equal respect for Lorenzo. "That was spectacular", Richie said. Katy Perry encouraged, "just keep doing what you're doing". It's a blessing that Woodard never hides his emotion, and he certainly had soaring moments.

"She's still the bird, she's still mouthy, and they add wisdom to that", Mary Christine said, gesturing to Perry's fellow judges, 68-year-old funk/soul/R&B legend Lionel Richie and 41-year-old country star Luke Bryan. The song choice allowed them to deliver a powerful and moving lyrical interpretation, and since Sussett tends to skew more upbeat, it was interesting to see her show a different side of her singing. Luke Bryan said. It was the first performance to "nail it top to bottom".

For the first time in 2018, the call to "dim the lights" came on "American Idol" as the yearning hopefuls prayed to hear their names. Foehner, Sussett, Lorenzo, Barrett, Brenns, Woodard and Turner all made the cut; Spring, McBane, Dominique, Diaz and Kay went home.

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