With environmental protesters outside Capitol, Cuomo proposes plastic bag ban

With environmental protesters outside Capitol, Cuomo proposes plastic bag ban

With environmental protesters outside Capitol, Cuomo proposes plastic bag ban

If the bill were to pass, NY would join California, which approved a statewide ban of plastic bags in 2016.

According to the governor's office, the bill would "ban the provision of single-use, plastic carryout bags at any point of sale".

His announcement came after Democratic rival Cynthia Nixon spoke at a rally protesting Cuomo's climate change policies on Monday.

This follows a state report in January that outlined the environmental impact of plastic bags and proposed actions that ny could take to reduce pollution.

All combined, the new efforts could increase annual electricity savings to more than 3 percent by 2025, making NY a national leader in energy efficiency.

Under his new bill, the ban would apply to bags that are meant for single use - not reusable or compostable bags. The bill would take effect on January 1, 2019.

Its approval in the state Senate, however, is far from certain.

One of the major proponents of that bill was Sen.

At the time, Felder called on the state to do more to tout its program for recycling plastic bags rather than impose a fee.

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The scheme aims to reduce energy consumption by 185 trillion British thermal units below forecasted energy use in 2025, the equivalent to the energy consumed by 1.8 million NY homes.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said, "Governor Cuomo is taking real, enforceable action today to reduce the scourge of plastic bag waste blighting our communities, state lands, and waters". Hawaii has a de facto ban on plastic bags; all of its counties have instituted bans.

"Bans tried elsewhere have made it harder for families to pay for groceries while also incentivizing shoppers to use bags that are worse for the environment than 100 percent recyclable, highly reused plastic retail bags", Seaholm said.

Gov. Cuomo wants to ban the bags.

"If we weren't going to make progress on energy efficiency, the truth is we wouldn't get where we want to go with climate change", she said. On Monday, Peter M. Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates of NY, said that under Cuomo's new proposal some thicker plastic bags would still be allowed under the idea that they are reusable.

But Cuomo's new proposal does not mean that the bags, a scourge of New York City streets, will actually be eliminated anytime soon.

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