Woman arrested after allegedly shooting at Mid City home, police say

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Woman arrested after allegedly shooting at Mid City home, police say

Officers were able to find the victim's vehicle on March 27 at that suspect's home and knocked on the door; that's when police said Jamuel Alston, who had been dating the victim, answered.

Police said Autry broke into the pregnant woman's home on Holly Street, off Beatties Ford Road in north Charlotte, and asked for money. On video, the officers repeatedly told Autry to drop the gun before shooting him. He's been charged with kidnapping and robbery with a unsafe weapon, among other offenses.

The woman, who works at a mall in Powai, then gave her sons a soft drink laced with the rat poison and consumed some herself.

Autry was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police said the break-in was not random, because Autry mentioned the pregnant woman's husband by name.

>Leh (Ladakh), April 5, (Scoop News)-Police has arrested a woman who allegedly killed another woman for having an illicit relation with her husband in a village near Nuyama, sources said on Thursday.

The woman's brother yesterday brought her to the family home at Khetia town from a nearby village where she used to live with her husband, on the pretext that their mother was ill.

The official continued, saying that the neighbors heard gunshots.

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