WWE Punishing Alicia Fox for Incident with Ronda Rousey's Husband?

Ronda Rousey's husband was caught in a shocking row

WWE GETTY WWE WRESTLEMANIA Ronda Rousey's husband was caught in a shocking row with another star

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com was told that Alicia Fox has been pulled from the women's battle royal at Wrestlemania as a result of the incident. You can see video below of Fox getting in the spat with Browne at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans.

Fox and Browne's altercation was published by the UK Sun and begins with Fox calling Browne rude before being informed that she was on camera.

Just after the event started, WWE famous wrestler Alicia Fox was seen fighting with Ronda Rousey's husband Travis Browne. According to Ryan Satin, WWE didn't keep Fox away from the match for the incident, but rather because she wasn't medically cleared for the match. It's unknown what the two parties were arguing about, but Fox called Browne "rude" and said she couldn't "believe that".

Alicia Fox will not appear at Wrestlemania
WWE PULLED Alicia Fox will not appear at Wrestlemania

After realizing she was being filmed, Fox swatted the camera away and the video ends at that point.

WWE star Alicia Fox isn't expected to be a part of the "WrestleMania" match card. Alicia hasn't featured since January because of her tailbone injury and will take some more time. There were also a few beeps heard to censor out Fox's swearing. However, Fox wasn't announced to appear in the first-ever WrestleMania women's battle royal match on Sunday night.

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