Accessibility-Focused Xbox One Controller Leaked

Xbox Controller Designed for Accessibility Image Leaks

Accessibility-Focused Xbox One Controller Leaked

We'll likely have to wait until E3 2018 to see if the controller is officially announced.

It would seem that a new accessibility-minded controller for the Xbox One has leaked.

The prototype above doesn't resemble a normal gamepad at all. It appears to be aimed at those relying more on touch than on sight.

Sending someone a game gift can be done using Windows 10, any Xbox One, or in a web browser.

An image posted online by WalkingCat Twitter account shows a gamepad with two large black pads in place of the traditional array of buttons. The folks at Windows Central have also noted a three-light LED indicator which suggests that there could be programming layers, indicating that the controller could be customized according to the gamer's needs.

As per a report by WindowsCentral, Microsoft is also claimed to have added a 3.5mm audio connector with a micro USB port for charging and data syncing.

Microsoft promises additional expansion into other forms of gifting in the future, including paid-for PC and Xbox One applications. It's too early to tell for sure, though.

However, it looks like the new Xbox One controller looks a lot like the old school Nintendo NES gamepad which, even though is not considered a comfortable one, has gone down in the history of gaming as an iconic one.

Microsoft has promised this feature for a long time and previously made it possible to gift specific Xbox games to people you know and love.

Coming to the aesthetics of the new gaming controller, it features a completely revamped design with a different set of button placements.

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