Aftermath of Israel strikes targeting Syria army position near Kisweh

   EXPLOSION Israel has been accused of launching an airstrike on a military base in Syria

TWITTER EXPLOSION Israel has been accused of launching an airstrike on a military base in Syria

The assault occurred in Kisweh, in accordance with the official information company SANA, about an hour after President Trump's announcemed that he can be pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Syrian state news agency SANA had reported the sound of explosions near Kisweh and said Syrian air defenses fired at and destroyed two Israeli missiles in the Kisweh area. Photos on social media appeared to show fires in al-Kiswah, an industrial area home to an army base, after it was hit.

In Washington, CNN reported on Tuesday that U.S. defence officials are seeing signs that Iran is preparing to strike Israel, possibly from Syria.

While Israel did not confirm or deny the strikes, a state of alert was reported by its armed forces near the Syrian border.

Israeli officials have been predicting an Iranian "attack" against them in retaliation for the various Israeli strikes in recent weeks. He said there were jets in the sky but it was likely the position was targeted by surface-to-surface missiles from the Golan Heights. They include an attack last month on Syria's T4 air base in Homs province that killed seven Iranian military personnel, for which Tehran has vowed to retaliate. On April 29, Israel was suspected of more strikes in Hama and Aleppo, reportedly killing at least 18 pro-Iranian fighters.

The Israeli military said earlier that, upon identifying "irregular activity" by Iranian forces in Syria, it instructed civic authorities in the occupied Golan Heights to ready bomb shelters, deployed new defenses and mobilized some reservist forces.

"Over the years, Iran and its proxies have bombed American embassies and military installations, murdered hundreds of American servicemembers, and kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured American citizens", Trump said in a statement on Tuesday.

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