All eyes on Roscommon in Irish abortion vote

All eyes on Roscommon in Irish abortion vote

All eyes on Roscommon in Irish abortion vote

Marie O'Donnell votes in the historic referendum (Picture: PA) Lorraine Curtin and Petrina Conmee travelled all the way from Portugal to vote in the referendum. The "X" case in 1992 involved a teenager who had been raped, who chose to travel to the obtain an abortion - and found herself being stopped by the Attorney General from leaving the country.

In Dublin, close-to 80 percent of voters opted to Repeal.

"We will never again have a more important vote", Bukley said.

Many expatriate Irish have travelled home to vote in one of the few European Union countries that do not allow those overseas to vote via post or in embassies.

Theresa Sweeney, a repeal supporter, was one of the first people to arrive at the North Grand Church polling station in Dublin.

Ms Woods sees the lack of legal abortion in such cases, and in cases of disability, as "appalling breaches of humanity", but calls the killing of an innocent child a "termination".

Thousands of Irish women every year cross the channel to have an abortion in the UK. Moreover, it is imbued with the very sense of equality that Ms Woods champions but does not seem to apply to everyone - she expresses shock that the Irish Constitution "gives the same right to life as the mother".

The 28-year-old Harry Potter star tweeted: "A vote for the freedom to choose, a vote for women's rights, a vote for women's control over their bodies, a vote for women's health & safety, a vote towards equality".

Tara Flynn, who 11 years ago flew to the Netherlands for an abortion she could not get at home, said she planned to vote "yes" to make sure future generations of women don't endure what she did.

Abortion is now only legal in Ireland in cases where the mother's life is at risk, and remains illegal in cases of rape, incest or fetal abnormality.

However, the referendum was also held against the backdrop of a proposed law to introduce unrestricted abortion upto 12 weeks of pregnancy.

"The conversation that has resulted in me going to the ballot box to vote "Yes" with certainty hasn't been a straightforward one", deputy prime minister Simon Coveney wrote in the Irish Independent newspaper on Thursday.

"I feel like I've waited all of my adult life to have a say on this".

The heated, emotional campaign saw limits placed on social media advertisements nationwide, with Facebook and Google banning campaign ads after concerns from experts that some campaign ads were funded by USA based anti-abortion groups.

Counting is due to begin tomorrow morning, with a result expected late in the afternoon.

"Women and girls should not be made into healthcare refugees when they are in a time of crisis", said Niamh Kelly, 27, who paid 800 euros and traveled 20 hours to return home from Hanoi where she works as an English teacher.

Many contend that criminalising abortion does not stop it. But this is not simply a Catholic or Christian issue, he said, since "people of all faiths and none" have come together in a broad coalition of concern, sharing the belief that "innocent human life should be protected".

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