We obviously don't yet know for sure if he'll be killed off but this is The Walking Dead, and it's pretty easy to kill people off.

"It is being reported that Lincoln will be exiting the AMC series in its ninth season which is now in production", according to Comicbook, which confirmed the news from multiple independent sources on Tuesday.

Collider reports series star Andrew Lincoln is set to exit AMC's long-running zombie drama series in Season 9. She will appear in Season 9, though.

What's more, AMC is reportedly trying to lessen the blow that'll hit fans by offering a big payday to Daryl actor Norman Reedus, who would take on the show's leading role. Since its publication, Comic Book and TheWrap have debuted their own reports on the matter. Though Cohan's Maggie was not in the original mix, she's been around since the lovely ol' farm days of Season 2 and has been a major character ever since (she's also a key player in the comics).

Reps for Lincoln did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment, while AMC declined to comment.

The Walking Dead Season 8 finale saw the epic battle between Rick's band of survivors and Negan's Saviors, with Rick sparing Negan's life. Fear The Walking Dead has very successfully rebooted itself in season 4 and The Walking Dead could do the same.

"The Walking Dead" fans are well accustomed to saying goodbye to fan favorite characters, but they better start preparing to say an ultimate farewell next season.

The loss of Lincoln's Grimes would be another radical departure for the show from its comic source material.

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