Bethesda Teases New Fallout Release

If you head over to Bethesda's Twitch channel, you'll see a "Please Stand By" notice on a flickering screen, with a Vault Boy bobble head giving the thumbs up.

It seems we will return to the wasteland sooner rather than later as Bethesda Game Studios has teased a Fallout-related announcement ahead of E3 on their Twitter feed.

With the most recent title, Fallout 4, being released in 2015, fans of the storied franchise have questioned when the next installation will be released, however, no concrete information has been provided by the developer.

Bethesda seems to be deploying a similar strategy to its promotion for Rage 2, which saw the company release numerous mysterious images on Twitter before officially announcing the game earlier this month. Given the famed secrecy of Bethesda Game Studios - Todd Howard refuses to even spill Elder Scrolls news to his family - pretty much anything could be on the cards.

There's no current indication that it is a new game, but it's certainly going to build hype around the idea.

We will continue to update the story as more information is made available.

Right now, what that announcement exactly is is anyone's guess, whether that is a new installment of the Fallout series or (what I think is more likely) a remaster of either Fallout 3 or New Vegas, especially given that the third game hits its 10th anniversary later this year. Are you excited for something Fallout-related at this year's E3?

Is it possible we'll be getting a Starfield announcement before E3?

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