Britain set to sizzle in 25C temperatures over the bank holiday weekend

Britain set to sizzle in 25C temperatures over the bank holiday weekend

Britain set to sizzle in 25C temperatures over the bank holiday weekend

This year in England and Wales, May half term falls on the 28th of this month which is the Bank Holiday weekend and ends on Friday June 1 with children returning back to school on June 4.

"Before we get to the 20s, temperatures will be in the late teens on Saturday and early Sunday".

Betway's Alan Alger said: "It looks like we could be in for a period of sunshine over the bank holiday weekend and, of the main cities in the United Kingdom, it's London at evens that we expect to be hottest". Further north and west, it'll be cloudier with some drizzly bits and pieces of rain at times.

The mercury is set to rise in Bracknell, Wokingham and Reading, Berkshire, as temperatures of up to 20c are predicted.

This time of year can bring huge changes in temperature as our jet stream swings north and south. The Midlands and East will enjoy the best of the sunshine.

'Heading into Monday we could see the high 20s'.

It is a similar picture for Sunday, according to Ms Maxey. Well believe it or not, this one is not only going to be brolly-free but it's also going to turn much warmer.

Temperatures will be warmer than today, especially in the sunnier parts of the country where 13-15c will be typical.

Berkshire is set for a bank holiday mini-heatwave as temperatures are set to soar.

But as the weekend approaches, the rain will ease and thermometers are expected to climb into the mid-20Cs as warm air from Europe surges through the UK.

"We quite often see these periods where we see changeable weather, with cold temperature and them some warmer weather as we go through spring into the summer", said Ms Maxey.

"Parts of Scotland will have some rain". Some areas could get between 20mm and 40mm of rainfall, as well as strong winds.

"Some uncertainty in from the middle of next week, although at this stage it looks like most places will stay mainly dry with sunny spells".

Temperatures will generally pick up throughout the week.

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