Deadpool 2: With apologies to David Beckham

Deadpool vs. Stephen Colbert

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And obviously, the horrendous version of Deadpool that first appeared on the big screen in 2009 in the X men film titled X Men Origins: Woleverine (2009) didn't help the case at all. "No, no, no-huge asshole", Reynolds joked.

Deadpool: "I see. Well, he's got boyish charm for days". Where the first film leaned heavily into its hero's propensity for dick jokes and self-awareness to get its laughs, here they are supplemented by a gratuitous line in bone-crunching physical comedy. The majority of "Deadpool 2" is a production that hits you in the gut with the action and repeatedly slams your amusing bone with the often juvenile humor. Reynolds' Instagram account's bio reads "I can't feel your legs".

What keeps this from being nothing more than an actor with an inflated ego trying to get another credit is Deadpool would be nothing more than a foul-mouthed, annoying, sex-driven unlikable egomaniac without the wickedly charming wit of Reynolds.

Jackman isn't the only person "Deadpool 2" pokes fun of. And here I was thinking the most honest thing about Deadpool was the Wikipedia page.

There are a few "blink and you miss them" cameos to be on the lookout for, as well as a brilliant mid-credits scene you should really stay for, but there is no post-credits scene so don't wait up for that.

The humor here is also warped, but it's often more ambitious than the original Deadpool, which flaunted its R-rated status with jokes content with being juvenile or obscene or both. "It's too much. It's not sexy". Right now we're just focusing in on the marketing campaign which for Deadpool is always to a certain degree an extension of the film itself. It's R rated in the U.S., if that gives you an idea of its tone.

Actually, in this one, it's the same kind of thing but even more. When his host reminded him to say "allegedly", he acquiesced: "You're right, allegedly; it could have been three prostitutes". Deadpool happily brags about it in the new film, continuing his breaking-the-fourth-wall humour.

By the way, if you still haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War, you should know that naughty Deadpool just dropped a naughty spoiler in the best possible way.

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