Donald Trump calls for Jon Tester to resign over Jackson opposition

Donald Trump calls for Jon Tester to resign over Jackson opposition

Donald Trump calls for Jon Tester to resign over Jackson opposition

The physician for Vice President Mike Pence wrote three memos last fall warning the White House about Ronny Jackson's behavior.

"Despite published reports, there are no personnel announcements at this time", Shah said.

Tester's office released a list of allegations against Jackson that included drunkenness, overprescribing medication and creating a hostile work environment.

Jackson, who has served in the White House under three administrations, abdicated his role as the president's physician when he was nominated by Trump for the Veteran's Affairs Administration, but as Carter reports, he was still working in the White House Medical Unit on Monday. According to the publication, the chief White house doctor to come back he is not going.

Jackson withdrew his nomination to head the Department of Veterans Affairs last week, following a series of allegations released by Sen.

It was unclear if Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, would remain in the White House in any capacity or if he would retire from the military.

"Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is now on active duty, assigned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President", White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said in a statement. The medical situation required Mrs. Pence to be transported from Camp David to Walter Reed hospital.

Jackson withdrew himself from the nomination on Thursday, two days after charges brought to Capitol Hill by current and former colleagues burst into the open.

"Tester started throwing out things that he's heard, well I know things about Tester that I could say too", said Trump.

According to a source familiar with the memos, Jackson told the doctor to "let things go.if I am to succeed in my career", according to a memo written by the vice president's physician.

Earlier on Saturday, Trump attacked Tester on Twitter over Jackson's failed nomination, calling for the Montana Democrat to resign.

"Sen. Tester even admitted that he reviewed the Federal Bureau of Investigation files and there was no derogatory information in there about Jackson but he still spread malicious rumors", said a Trump administration official.

Tester is facing a reelection campaign in November in a state Trump won in 2016.

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