Elon Musk's LA Tunnel System Costs $1 for a 150MPH Loop Ride

Tunnel pod

An artist’s conception shows a pod heading for Los Angeles International Airport through a Boring Company transit tunnel

Elon Musk shared some details of his new project of the Boring company about his project to cure the city's traffic congestion with hundreds of tunnels.

In one apparent gain announced earlier, the Los Angeles transit authority voiced support for Musk's tunnel ambitions, tweeting that the agency and Boring had a "great meeting" on Thursday and would "be partners moving forward".

The Brentwood Residents Coalition and the Sunset Coalition are suing Los Angeles, claiming that the tunnel is really part of a planned transit system and should therefore the city should not have granted it exemption from standard environmental reviews.

"If you build a tunnel in L.A., you can build one anywhere", Musk said, referring to the various challenges the test tunnel would need to overcome in the city, including seismic conditions, methane gas, oil fields, and regulations.

"Like a weird little Disney ride in L.A.", Musk, casually dressed in denim, said to laughter and applause.

You won't have to wait much longer for that Boring Company flamethrower.

It is very possible that Elon Musk might integrate The Boring Company with SpaceX to provide astonishingly fast transportation around the world.

Elon Musk, speaking at an event that pulled back the curtain on The Boring Company's plans, said that the $500 flamethrowers will starting shipping in two weeks. He added he has every intent of submitting to a full environmental study for the tunnel network as a whole when the time comes.

What's interesting is that in his tweets, Musk says that the reason for prioritizing passengers (and presumably the reason for the low fare) is "courtesy and fairness", saying: "If someone can't afford a auto, they should go first".

After users suggested he was joking, Musk clarified: "I am actually going to do this".

The Boring Co. has already cleared some regulatory hurdles for the tunnel along Sepulveda Boulevard, which would connect with a two-mile test track that's under construction in Hawthorne across from SpaceX headquarters. The project would involve hundreds of entrances where travelers in pods could descend to the network of tunnels that will shuttle them at high speeds across the city.

The bold claim follows a partnership between LA Metro and The Boring Company to build a tunnel network in the city.

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