Fortnite: Epic Games Confirms Rumored Mode

Ninja Proves He's a Solo Squad Master After Winning 1v7

Fortnite Competitive Mode Possibly Being Developed

You'll need to play 50 Solo Showdown games to be eligible for a prize, and in an effort to make sure people can't game the system by queuing into matches they repeatedly lose immediately, only those 50 games will be counted. It's not yet clear how the mode will work in terms of cross-platform play (whether iOS players are measured directly against console or PC players, or they get their own rankings). Under Playlists, you'll even find past limited time modes such as 50 vs 50, Solid Gold and so on.

As you can probably guess from the name, Solo Showdown will be an every-man-for-himself mode that's inaccessible to players queuing as duos or squads.

Fortnite's latest limited time mode, Solo Showdown, doesn't actually change any of the battle royale shooter's rules, unlike all the other temporary modes we've seen.

So, if you think you're a good Fortnite player, this is your chance to prove it and possibly earn some in-game cash for your effort. 1st place will get you 100 points, 2nd 94 points, 3rd 91 and so on.

Ninja Proves He's a Solo Squad Master After Winning 1v7
Fortnite Devs Test Battle Royale Esports Rules With Limited Solo Showdown Mode

Place between 50 and 5 and you'll get 13,500 V-bucks, while fourth, third and second place get 25,000 and the victor gets a whopping 50,000.

The top 100 will be rewarded with various levels of V-bucks, the in-game currency, when the mode ends on Monday, May 21. Cumulative scores will then be generated from across the player's' 50 matches. The top 100 players will be awarded.

Whatever the case may be, Solo Showdown can become a basis for professional matches in the future, if ever Epic is serious about its esports aspirations for Fortnite.

If you're a frequent window shopper of the Fortnite in-game store, you'll know that those V-Bucks will go a long way in customizing characters with skins, emotes, back blings and more.

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