'Fortnite' Season 4 Start Time: Ready to Start a New Battle Pass?

Fortnite Battle Royale

EPIC GAMESFortnite Battle Royale Season 4 patch notes are revealed

Fortnite Season 4 is starting off with a bang says Epic Games.

The most obvious change to the Fortnite map comes in the form of Dusty Divot, the area formerly known as Dusty Depot.

A new season of Fortnite Battle Royale has arrived and the mysterious Comet has finally laid waste to the region.

Overall, this is a massive update that should give Fortnite players plenty of reason to dive back into the game (as if you ever needed an excuse to do so). These shards, though, are valuable to the players as well as they provide gravity defying powers allowing players to jump much higher and for greater distances. The Fortnite servers are now down and will go live soon with season 4 in effect in Fortnite Battle Royal. The good news is that they only have to wait a few more hours to find out. The season 4 battle pass will cost 950 V-bucks ($9.50) and includes the standard 100 tiers of loot.

Weeks and weeks were spent speculating as to what the foreign object was in the sky in Fortnite Battle Royale.

So unless you have a lot of money spare, the better option will be to put the work in and if you stay consistent then you should be able to unlock Omega before the season ends.

If you've been keeping up to date, you know that a comet was about to hit the world, there have been in-game stories about alien abductions and odd things appearing in the sky. Tilted Towers remains though there is a crater right in the center.

Fortnite Season 4's update has also seen other gameplay tweaks.

Be sure to check out Epic's changelog as this barely scratches the surface of new features and bug fixes introduced.

Dusty Divot is more than just a big hole in the map.

There are three boats on loot lake but you want to aim for the one on the eastern side of the lake, next to a giant rock.

Season 3 changed how Seasons worked by increasing the number of tiers (and therefore rewards), but keeping the amount of time needed to unlock everything the same from Season 2. Keep reading and check out the gallery (below) to discover how to complete this new weekly challenge with minimal fuss. Neither the map or treasure will show up for you if you do not have the Battle Pass.

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