Fortnite Season 4 will officially begin on May 1

Fortnite Season 4 will officially begin on May 1

Fortnite Season 4 will officially begin on May 1

What we know is only limited to our experience with the Season 3 and to our imagination.

This will be a super-hero themed Season 4 Battle Pass, with superhero skins and villain skins. It could, however, be an entirely different set of skins Epic Games plans on releasing with the new season.

Epic Games invites you to prepare for the new surprises.

Despite Fortnite Season 4 releasing tomorrow, Epic Games has been pretty tight-lipped about what exactly the new season will bring.

The Twitter post by Epic Games today shows four figures with their faces not showing, but players might be guessing that the four figures are the same ones in the images on the meteor teased by Epic Games. It was clear that whatever was going to happen was going to happen soon, and on Monday, Epic shared a tweet confirming that season 4 would arrive on Tuesday.

This is when we can expect the downtime to be for the Season 4 update to take place.

It's safe to say that Fortnite season 3 has been an eventful one. Did you meet the goals you had planned for Season 3? To be fair to them, actual chunks of space rock are falling from the sky onto the map, taking out players hiding in trees and ruining games the closer we get to the moment of grand impact. From the handful of teasers we've been given, most players feel that there will be a superhero theme, which ties in nicely with the new Avengers movie, where superhero hype is at an all-time high.

The giants of the competitive based battle royale genre have begun to build esports scenes that look to overtake the industry from the likes of first person shooters, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, and MOBAs, such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.

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