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Donald Trump Jr. prepares for stepped up role in 2018 midterm elections

Donald Trump Jr. prepares for stepped up role in 2018 midterm elections

They're supposed to choose one to vote, place it in the "ballot secrecy envelope", place the unused ballots in another envelope and mail or bring all three ballots to the county election office. The victor will face Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in November. Read on to see. Those enthusiastic voters also say by a 10-point margin that the nation would be better off with Democrats in control of Congress than Republicans. To the extent they remind voters of his existence, it will be bad news for many G.O.P. candidates.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey defeated the establishment-favored Rep. Evan Jenkins (R-WV) and coal businessman Don Blankenship, signaling a big victory for grassroots conservatives.

While the economy improved, with high growth and low unemployment, while Trump notched foreign policy wins, all that CNN and the Dems could talk about were Stormy Daniels and Mueller.

The percentage of minorities was 8 percent of Trump's US attorney nominees, 8 percent of district court nominees and 11 percent of appeals court nominees. The party coalesced around state Rep. Jim Renacci as their pick, with Renacci winning almost half the vote in a five-way primary. After all, there's nothing quite so American as buying power in D.C.

Brown also believes the primary results demonstrate a strong showing for Democrats in the governor's race, with Rich Cordray beating five opponents with about two-thirds of the vote.

The visible distinction was additionally the main target of certainly one of Braun's most memorable adverts of the cycle, wherein he portrayed Messer and Rokita as similar, cardboard cutouts. He was then re-elected as the district's representative in 2014 and 2016. Here's hoping that actually works. In 34 of the 44 GOP primaries held Tuesday, not even one woman appeared on the ballot.

And one more caveat: While some of these races look tough to win now, race ratings (those "toss-up" or "leaning-Republican" labels) change often, so it's possible that for some of these candidates, the outlook could be sunnier - or even bleaker - come Election Day. Of course, they both avoid the problem of continuing to campaign under the cloud of the party endorsing someone else. Joe Donnelly in November, said Tuesday night's call was his first conversation with the president.

Shortly after Mike Braun secured the Republican nomination for Indiana's U.S. Senate seat, his challengers made their concession speeches. Lots and lots of his own money and a grudge against bigwig Washington.

Declaring himself "More Trump than Trump", Blankenship ran ads attacking "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell and accusing the top Republican in the U.S. Senate of corruption involving his wife, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, and her family-a storyline the resulted in headlines like "West Virginia Pol Uses the Word "Negro" to Defend Racist Ad About 'China People'".

At the same time, the resistance is avoiding the suicidal tendencies of the Tea Party, which nominated radical candidates who blew winnable races for the Senate, such as Sharron Angle in Nevada, Todd Akin in Missouri, and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. She'll face first-term GOP Rep. Trey Hollingsworth in November.

And EMILY's List had another success in IN, with chosen candidate Liz Watson winning her primary over civil rights attorney Dan Canon.

The recent opinion polls also represent a clear divide between the progressive, left-wing populist grassroots base and the liberal centrist voting bloc within the party, especially after their recent presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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