Gap Apologizes for Selling T-shirt with 'Incorrect' Map of China

China calls democratic Taiwan one of its provinces despite nearly seven decades of separate governance. The island was omitted from Gap's latest T-shirt design

Gap Apologizes for Selling T-shirt with 'Incorrect' Map of China

"Gap Inc. respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China", Gap said on its Weibo account.

According to the Washington Post, it also drew ire for not correctly demarcating China's claimed territory in the South China Sea.

United States clothing retailer Gap apologised late Monday for selling T-shirts with an "incorrect" map of China, after it became the latest among foreign companies that China has taken offence with in relation to its territorial claims.

The statement continued by saying the company sincerely apologizes for the unintentional error and an internal inspection is being conduct because of the discovery.

The company vowed that it "strictly abides" by the laws and regulations set by Beijing, which has for decades considered self-ruled Taiwan a renegade Chinese province.

Gap is apologizing for a T-shirt it released that featured a map of China.

China has engaged in a campaign this year to force global companies to toe the line when it comes to Taiwan and its "One China" policy.

The People's Daily, official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, reports that the T-shirt had been sold in Canada. On April 25, it sent dozens of global airlines a written threat of severe punishments if they don't change their websites to declare that Taiwan is part of China - a move that provoked a strong pushback from the White House.

The Trump administration has pushed back on Beijing's efforts as a bid to "impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens". China claims sovereignty as well to a large area within the South China Sea that includes areas other countries claim as theirs such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

In January 2018, China shut down the websites of hotel chain Marriott International after the company listed Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as individual nations on an online customer survey.

"We've learned that a Gap brand T-shirt sold in some overseas markets failed to reflect the correct map of China". Mercedes-Benz said sorry for quoting the Dalai Lama on social media.

"The reason some Chinese netizens believe that it was intentional is because all of the other T-shirts in the "City T-Shirt in Jersey" range: San Francisco, Paris, Japan, and Canada are decorated with national flags rather than a fake map", the paper added.

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