Google Maps is adding personalised match score for places and more

Google Maps is adding personalised match score for places and more

Google Maps is adding personalised match score for places and more

It last year in November received a facelift for the first time in years and now this new update is a gentle reminder that Google Maps is here to stay and grow coming years.

Google announced a new augmented reality (AR) feature that will make its way to Maps - and it was one of the biggest crowd-pleasers for the thousands of attendees at the keynote.

Adding the essence of a social network, Google Maps will soon incorporate a new group planning feature that lets users create shareable shortlists making it easier to coordinate plans with friends and family.

At the ongoing Google I/O conference, senior director of product Aparna Chennapragada showed how Google is "combining the power of the camera and computer vision with Streetview and Maps to reimagine walking navigation".

The new feature will launch this summer. You can also book seats at those places from within Google Maps.

Coming to what all changes Google has added to Google Maps.

"About one year ago, when we began to speak with users, among those things we asked them was: how do we actually help you?" For example, you can know about the coolest café in the neighbourhood or a new restaurant that has opened up in the For You tab.

There will also be trending lists so that users can see which are the popular places to eat at the moment. This one reviews all the info available on the restaurants you have visited and then gives you personalized recommendations.

It is also being reported that Google Maps will also use the machine learning and data to automatically match the user with new places and venues around the town.

The new feature is simple. Google will also help users keep track of their progress so that users can cross off locations on their lists if they're looking to completely explore an area.

According to the statements made during Google I/O, Google plans to introduce these elements, especially the Augmented Reality in Google Mapps in the upcoming months' updates for the app, on both Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, Google didn't say when the feature might arrive.

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