Google releases Android P beta at developers conference

Google releases Android P beta at developers conference

Google releases Android P beta at developers conference

The traditional buttons are still the default method when you boot up the phone running Android P.

Before you give it a try, a word of caution: You probably don't want to install this update on your primary device. You can switch on the new navigational moves in P by going to Settings System Gestures.

Day one of Google I/O 2018 is wrapping up and with it much of the details on the latest happenings for many of Google's products and services. Some of the features that have debuted with the Android P public beta include Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, App Timer, Swipe Up, Slices, and more. Moving forward, you won't have to say hot words like Ok Google everytime you ask a question.

"You open the camera and you start to see [Google] Lens surface proactively all the information instantly and it even anchors that information to the things that you see", said vice president Aparna Chennapragada at Google I/O. "Download the Android P Beta for access to some of the latest Android features, and get your apps ready for the upcoming update". You will be easily able to adjust the volume by simply sliding up and down.

Pichai also showcased a revamped Gmail and announced another new feature called "Smart Compose", which will help users write emails using machine learning technology. The cutout options first appeared in the first Android P developer preview but has now changed rather considerably and strangely, adding more options but also removing others.

Earlier this week it was announced that Android P will have a redesigned notification bar, eliminating the back, home and recent apps buttons at the bottom of the phone, instead they will be replaced by a single home button.

The car's touch screen is huge and has enough space to show a map, the weather, your music, and reminders from the Google Assistant-all large enough to read.

The update that got the audience most excited is the fact that the Assistant will now be enabled to make calls on your behalf.

We installed the Android P beta on the Pixel phone and it looks refreshed and we like some of the features.

Can you run Auto wirelessly?

The Google Assistant in the background actually makes a real call.

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