Hulk Hogan close to WWE return

WWE parted ways with Hogan in 2015 after a profane, racist tirade from the wrestling legend about his daughter's sex life was caught on tape and uncovered.

WWE fired him in order to avoid a big PR disaster.

Well it looks like things have toned down and Hogan has mentioned in more than one occasion that he is sorry for the remarks he made against black people back in 2006.

"Hulkamania could once again run wild in the WWE - TMZ Sports has learned plans to bring Hulk Hogan back to the squared circle are now underway".

The rumors of Hulk Hogan's return to the WWE appear to be coming true - and possibly very soon.

Hogan has tried to come back to the WWE for several years now, but the professional wrestling company kept ignoring him.

WWE moved swiftly to terminate his contract, and scrub its website of all references to and images of Hogan. "Hogan is not scheduled to be at any upcoming WWE events".

That's according to TMZ, which reported Friday that Hogan and "high-ranking WWE officials have been in touch recently and it's been positive". The report noted that the WWE planned an event in Saudi Arabia, and members of that country's royal family requested Hulk Hogan to take part.

Hulk made an appearance at the HBO/WWE "Andre the Giant" documentary premiere in Los Angeles, California in March, but the company made it clear that he was not back with the WWE just yet.

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