Israeli forces kill 55 in Gaza clashes as United States opens Jerusalem embassy

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa  Reuters                   A wounded Palestinian is evacuated during the protest

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa Reuters A wounded Palestinian is evacuated during the protest

"Most of the world maintains embassies in Tel Aviv, saying the Jerusalem issue must first be resolved".

The United States opened its deeply controversial embassy in Jerusalem on Monday but the inauguration was marred by violent clashes along the Gaza border that left 55 Palestinians dead from Israeli fire in the conflict's bloodiest day in years.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the violence against Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza in a statement released late on Monday and reiterated his opposition to the move of the us embassy to Jerusalem.

Those talks have been frozen since 2014.

Palestinian areas in East Jerusalem and the West Bank remain tense after the slaughter in Gaza and after the embassy move.

A few kilometres away, Israel and the USA held a festive inauguration ceremony for the new American embassy in contested Jerusalem. "A day that will be engraved in our national memory for generations", Mr Netanyahu said in a speech at the ceremony.

"The EU remains firmly committed to continue working with both parties and with its partners in the worldwide community towards a resumption of meaningful negotiations aimed at a two-state solution, based on the 4 June 1967 lines and with Jerusalem as capital of both", Mogherini added.

"Israel claims all of Jerusalem, and is doing their best to ensure it remains that way", said Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East negotiator in Republican and Democratic administrations.

Trump's withdrawal last week from the Iran nuclear deal, against the protestations of European allies, appears to have emboldened both Israel and Iran to move more forcefully toward full-on confrontation.

United States officials have reaffirmed their support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, even saying Trump's embassy decision would help advance resolution of the conflict.

Palestinians have boycotted meeting with the United States and said Washington can no longer act as an impartial mediator.

The U.N.'s dislike for Israel is obvious. █ The ceremony on Monday US opened its Jerusalem embassy in a ceremony that included a video address by Trump. Trump had denounced the resolution and called for the United States to wield its veto.

No-show nations withheld comment on Sunday. Israel has been a "responsible custodian" of Jerusalem since 1967, he adds.

Israeli troops fired live ammunition, gunning down dozens of Palestinian protesters. Witnesses said some prostrated themselves in Jewish prayer, violating religious restrictions at the site and sparking scuffled with Muslim worshippers. "Hamas is killing Gaza", he said.

They say officials are also considering bulking up US military security in other Middle Eastern countries that have seen large-scale demonstrations in the past, like Egypt and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters welcomed the decision to recall the ambassador to Israel "in protest of the racist Israeli aggression on Palestine".

Palestinians were demonstrating on Monday as they have been for six weeks as part of a protest, orchestrated by Hamas, called the "Great March of Return".

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