Jacksonville Lands 13th On List For Population growth

Fort Worth bumped Indianapolis off the list of most-populous U.S. cities to snag the No. 15 spot

View Slideshow Fort Worth bumped Indianapolis off the list of most-populous U.S. cities to snag the No. 15 spot. davidw Flickr

"San Antonio, Texas, tops the list with the largest population gain with an increase of over 24,200 people - an average of 66 people per day between 2016 and 2017", said Amel Toukabri, a demographer in the Population Division of the Census Bureau, in a release.

The U.S. Census Bureau reduced its population estimate for the City of Pittsburgh a year ago, according to figures released Thursday. The Dallas suburb of Frisco was the fastest growing city in the year by percentage gain - up 8.2 percent to 177,286.

La Pine's population grew by a modest 40 people over the year, to an estimated 1,864, while Sisters grew to 2,701 residents by last July. Frisco, Texas grew the fastest past year at 8.2 percent, according to the census data.

Fort Worth surpassed Indianapolis, Ind., becoming the 15th largest city in the United States with a population of 874,168. Osceola, which is in Central Florida near Orlando, had particularly impressive growth since it's much larger than St. Johns County. No California cities landed on the top-15 list.

Between 2016 and 2017 seven of the 15 fastest-growing large cities were located in Texas. Frisco's gain of 8.2 percent more people is more than 11 times faster than the nation's growth rate of 0.7 percent
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Depending on the economy, home prices and migration to Bend, the population estimates show the city could reach the 100,000 milestone by 2020, Syrnyk said.

For now Chicago keeps its rank as the third-most-populous city with 2.7 million residents, compared with No. 4 Houston with 2.3 million, census figures show. "Following state trends, the large cities that continue to see the fastest growth are in Middle Tennessee". That's less than a 1% drop from 2016, when the estimate put Detroit's population at around 675,000. North Dakota was the fastest-growing state in terms of housing units, with an increase of 18.0 percent during the same period. New Braunfels, Texas, came in at 8 percent and Pflugerville, also of Texas, gained 6.5 percent. For the others, the Town of Babylon was down 280 people, or -0.13 percent; Huntington, down 284 people, or -0.14 percent; Islip, down 477 people, or -0.14 percent; Riverhead, down 26 people, or -0.08 percent; and Smithtown, down 130 people, or -0.11 percent.

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Irvine added 11,068 people in the year - the No. 14 gain in population count - to 277,453. The data will be embargoed June 19 and publicly released June 21.

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