Kim Kardashian's Met Gala dress 2018 is next-level FIRE

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Stun on Sisters&apos Night Out in NYC Pics

The pair stepped out looking casual fabulous in advance of the 2018 Met Gala

Of course, many fans couldn't help but notice that 'ye wasn't at the Met Gala himself.

When it comes to star-studded high fashion, the annual Met Gala is the soiree to beat, featuring A-list celebrities wearing extreme haute couture in what's typically described as fashion's biggest night of the year.

According to TMZ, Miz Perry climbed into her 1930s-style white whip, only to discover that the engine was acting up.

"Love you babe wish you were here with meeeeee but you're only finishing up 5 albums", the 37-year-old quipped on Twitter in response to his tweet of her in her gown. Not to mention, we're thankful (or, perhaps, blessed?) that the Swish Swish singer made it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, since she is one of our Best Dressed picks!

One fan posted a photo of Kim showing Katy her nails, and Kim actually responded to the fan about what was going on in the photo. The beauty entrepreneur stepped out in her most eye-catching look yet, an inky gilded chainmail frock that she worked on personally with Donatella Versace. "So had to show her!" "'I don't usually do long nails so I chose to switch it up tonight.'" Kardashian was clearly online, though, because she personally responded to this tweet with the most epic story ever.

Considering the mum-of-three has recently been stripping starkers to promote her new perfume, we shouldn't be surprised by Kim's latest provocative look.

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