Mega Man 11 gameplay trailer reveals October release date

Mega Man 11 PS4 Play Station 4 1

Mega Man 11 gameplay trailer reveals October release date

Good news, Mega Man fans: we now know when the Blue Bomber will return in Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 10, the latest game in the main Mega Man series, shipped in 2010.

Mega Man 11 is firing its way onto all major consoles - including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - and PC on october 2. But using them too much can cause Mega Man to overheat, leaving him unable to use the Double Gears until he cools down.

In the meantime, check out five of the best core Mega Man adventures. The new Double Gear system in Mega Man 11 adds a unique twist on the satisfying platforming action, offering options to enhance Mega Man's speed and power on the fly. Wily is back to his mischievous ways and invests in an ambitious idea from his time at Robot University. The stunning new visual style refreshes the series' iconic colorfulness, combining hand-drawn environments with detailed, 3D character models.

We're also introduced to two of the game's bosses: Block Man and Fuse Man.

Beyond that, the store page listed information on a new feature called the Double Gear System, which boosts the player's speed and power temporarily.

The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and Windows PC on October 2, 2018.

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