Mets Called For Batting Out Of Order In 1st Inning Vs. Reds

Mets Called For Batting Out Of Order In 1st Inning Vs. Reds

Mets Called For Batting Out Of Order In 1st Inning Vs. Reds

The New York Mets batted out of order during the first inning of Wednesday afternoon's road game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park. Since starting the season 12-2, the Mets are 6-14, and they've lost seven times in their last eight games.

Cabrera's first official plate appearance in the third inning resulted in the Mets' only run, with his grounder scoring Brandon Nimmo, who led off the inning with a triple.

The important part: Wilmer Flores is hitting second and Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting third.

Reds manager Jim Riggleman pointed out the Mets' error to the umpires, and NY was called for its final out of the inning, which ended with Cabrera in scoring position.

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Flores struck out and is charged with the strikeout.

Rather than have Jay Bruce, fourth in the batting order, open the second inning, the Mets led off with No. 5 hitter Adrian Gonzalez.

Cabrera doubled. The double counts! And, while not actually a case of a batter hitting out of turn, Chris Young of the Boston Red Sox hit after he officially had been taken out of the lineup during a blowout loss to the Baltimore Orioles just previous year.

That's when Reds manager manager Jim Riggleman pointed out to the umpire that the Mets' official batting order had Cabrera batting second and Flores third. It goes down as a catcher unassisted putout. The handwritten one in the Mets dugout - as well as the one posted in the NY clubhouse before the game - had Flores ahead of Cabrera.

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