Modi attacks dynasty politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with medal winners of the Commonwealth Games 2018 in New Delhi on Monday

Modi attacks dynasty politics

Siddaramaiah has been on an attack spree on Twitter since Monday, slamming the BJP for corruption charges against the party's presumptive Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and mining baron Janardhan Reddy.

The temperature of the election season in Karnataka went up by quite a few degrees on Tuesday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeting both the ruling Congress in the state and the party's president Rahul Gandhi at the same time. "He did not even bother to congratulate the hardworking Mazdoors due to whom India's villages are getting electricity".

Earlier, Modi stated that AICC president Rahul Gandhi had challenged him saying he (Modi) could not sit in the Parliament if he gave a 15-minute speech.

Narendra Modi said that the law and order in the state are in shambles under Congress rule. The association said all such incidents are mandatorily investigated by the DGCA, which is the only authorised agency to determine the causes for the incident and fix responsibility. "We want to encourage the ease of doing business, they (the Congress) have initiated the culture of ease of doing murder", he said at another election rally in Udupi.

The Congress chief's last leg of campaign in the southern state was on April 26-27.

The Congress was defensive in regards to the BJP accusations of dynastic politics.

As their key leaders hit the dirt track in Karnataka ahead of the Assembly elections, rivals Congress and BJP have escalated their social media game as well.

"We hear in Delhi that there is a BJP wave in Karnataka".

Following the murder of a Hindu activist in January, CM Siddaramaiah had said the BJP was making baseless allegations against the Congress.

He also accused the successive Congress governments at the Centre of allowing a handful of people to "loot" banks while denying loans to poor.

Mr Yeddyurappa was present in the rally that was addressed with the Prime Minister of the morning. He said that these elections were about family politics of the Congress versus the people's politics of the BJP.

"While the party workers keep slogging, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is following a two-plus-one formula by contesting in two seats and fielding his son from one".

He blamed the party for delay in development in the state and said that the reason behind it was the dynasty politics that Congress is obsessed with.

Polling for the 224-member Assembly will be held on May 12, and results will be " declared on the 15th of the month. "I challenge him for an open debate on a single platform on crime and law and order situation in Karnataka viz-a-viz BJP-ruled states", he said in a tweet.

Local elections in the state are scheduled to take place on May 12.

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