More big names enter Money in the Bank Ladder Match

NewsLana Celebrates Rusev’s Big Win, WWE Releases Latest Update For Supercard Game By Andrew Ravens

NewsLana Celebrates Rusev’s Big Win, WWE Releases Latest Update For Supercard Game By Andrew Ravens

Charlotte Flair has become just the second name to qualify for the upcoming women's Money in the Bank ladder match, defeating Peyton Royce in a great back-and-forth match tonight on Smackdown Live. The Miz joins Braun Strowman and Finn Balor in the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match. Bryan and Rusev each had something to prove and it showed; they went after each other like nothing could mean more than participating in the MITB ladder match.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that the original intention on Raw this week was for Kurt Angle to announce three Money In The Bank ladder matches for this year's Money In The Bank pay-per-view event. The Modern Day Maharaja went from jobber to WWE Champion that was too quickly pushed, but now he has settled into his own and has shown noticeable improvement. In the case of Styles and Nakamura, it's probably best to give WWE a pass. We've got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. But now it's about the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View and the first qualification match is right now. Still, this was a lengthy, hard-fought match that had some good bursts of action. Carmella is exactly what she needs to be as champion - undeservedly cocky to the point of being annoying. It was also confirmed that there will be four RAW Superstars and four SmackDown Superstars in each match.

Bodyslam - Neither Styles nor Nakamura are cleared to compete tonight, but the wound on Styles' face really sells it.

We returned to see Jeff holding The Mizz in a submission but The A-lister got out of it. Bayley came down to save her but surrendered to the number advantage. He is at the elite level of in-ring performing, so a main event feud has to be inevitable.

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