Moto Z3 images leak ahead of launch

So, how much does the Motorola Moto G6 cost under the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone program?

Android Headlines has the goods on a handset dubbed the Motorola One Power, which features the Android One branding on the rear.

So it looks like the people over at Android Headlines got a juicy leak, as this is the first time you will be hearing of this new smartphone called the Motorola One Power. That means that not only will it add 5G support to the new Z3 Play, but it should work on older Moto Z devices as well, including the original that was announced nearly two years ago.

The Motorola One Power will also sport a bezel-less front display with, you guessed it, a notch. This leak is significant because of a number of things, not least that Motorola seems to still be committed to Google's Android One project.

Motorola's latest budget champion, the Moto G6, has finally launched. This shift in naming convention we suspect is to help brand recognition in markets where Moto devices struggle. It is worth noting here that contrary to other Motorola smartphones nowadays that have "Moto" brand, the rumoured Android One has the Motorola brand altogether.

There are no details on the specs of the phone and where it is to be positioned within the market but it does sport dual rear cameras, something that most mid-range phones are now including.

Unfortunately, "Moto" fans will see the "Moto" moniker, like the Moto X series, enter retirement. The Moto Z lineup is designed with Mods in mind that customers can use on their new devices, so one Mod should work on all of them. The deal with Prime Exclusives used to be that users would agree to lock screen ads and special offers in exchange for a significant discount in buying the phone. Could it be matte plastic, thus indicating its price point?

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