Overwatch's 2-Year Anniversary celebration is basically every seasonal event in one

Overwatch Anniversary event Junkrat

BLIZZARDOverwatch Anniversary event Junkrat

Blizzard thought Overwatch's two year anniversary couldn't go undetected, so it organized an entire event to celebrate it. Starting May 22 and up until June 11, you will be able to enjoy the event across all platforms.

Cosmetic items as well as emotes from last year's anniversary event will be coming back this year, but some of the game's newer heroes will also be getting their own items. They're going to be releasing a new Deathmatch map, Petra, along with over 50 new cosmetic items for players to collect. Logging in to the Anniversary event will also grant one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, containing a single guaranteed Legendary item.

Blizzard also added three new arena maps that supported 3v3 elimination rounds.

If you've missed out on Overwatch over the past two years, a free weekend will be taking place a few days after the latest event gets underway. The anniversary event is also introducing Competitive Deathmatch, giving players a chance to earn a rating and climb ranks. Here, you'll be able to rate your skills, go on placement matches, and see where you are situated on the leaderboards.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event that leaked yesterday is now official.

To get these items, Loot Boxes will be distributed via daily logins. It hasn't been stated whether or not this mode will be permanent, or if it'll just last for the anniversary event only.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Those prospective players can pick up the new Overwatch Legendary Edition for a total of 15 slick skins out of the gate. This contains the base game, all the skins from the Origins Edition, and several extra Legendary and Epic skins that have been released over the lifetime of the game. The promo video shows Junkrat and Roadhogg dancing while wearing old skins.

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