Pakistan blocks departure of United States diplomat accused in vehicle accident

Pakistan bars US diplomat from leaving

Pakistan blocks departure of United States diplomat accused in vehicle accident

Pakistani authorities have imposed "reciprocal" restrictions on the movement of US diplomats in the country after Washington took similar measures.

The C-130 cargo plane from Bagram air base in Afghanistan landed here in the morning, and Hall was reportedly driven to the airfield to board it.

A special plane, C-130, reached Noor Khan Airbase on Saturday to take along the accused diplomat, local media earlier reported, adding that the USA embassy had handed over the passport of the official to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) immigration.

Hall is accused of running a red light and killing Ateeq Baig on April 7. The permission for Col Hall to leave was not granted and the special aircraft returned to Bagram at around 4pm.

According to the U.S. decision, Pakistani diplomats, at the embassy in Washington and four consulates in New York, Los Angeles, Texas and Chicago, will need to stay within 25 miles (40-kms) of the city of their posting.

The relations between the two sides have been under pressure after US President Donald Trump accused Islamabad in January of lying to the United States and offering "little help in hunting terrorists".

One of them was killed.

Pakistani analysts expressed concern that the lingering dispute over Hall's diplomatic immunity will also further inflame public anti-American sentiment here. The vehicle hit the bike head on, and the riders were flung into the air.

On Friday, Islamabad's High Court left it up to the government to decide whether he should be on a travel ban list, saying he didn't have absolute immunity.

This came a day after both countries placed travel-restrictions on each others' diplomats.

Six weeks ago, the State Department threatened to impose a travel restriction on Pakistan's Washington diplomatic corps if the harassment did not end by Friday.

There has been no suggestion that Hall, an air and defense attache who has not spoken publicly about the traffic accident or his diplomatic status, was engaged in any such activities.

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