Parents Sue to Evict Their Adult Son - and Guess What Happened?

Michael Rotondo left defends himself against his parents Mark and Christina Rotondo who are on the right conferring

Parents Sue to Evict Their Adult Son - and Guess What Happened?

A NY judge has ruled that a 30-year-old son still living at his parents' home must vacate the premises after numerous attempts to get him to leave.

In the first notice, dated February 2, the couple told their son, who had lived with them for eight years, that he had 14 days to leave, CNN reports.

Despite being served with an eviction order, Rotondo seemed to enjoy his time in court.

"4) If you want help finding a place your Mother has offered to help you".

His parents have given him five written notices over the past few months telling him he needs to leave.

Since he still refused to leave, his parents filed for an ejectment proceeding to end what some might call a failure to launch.

The family drama played out Tuesday in a Syracuse courtroom.

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you", one of the notes reads.

They've got nothing on Michael Rotondo. He said he had a business but wouldn't elaborate. "You're going to make it so that these people can just throw me out instead of letting me stay".

Rotondo told Business Insider that he became a father shortly after he moved in with his parents and that parenthood was at least partly why he still lived with them.

Christina and Mark Rotondo of Camillus, N.Y., bombarded their son Michael with letters week after week demanding that he leave the home.

Rotondo said, however, that he recently lost his visitation rights and that as a result, his parents "have been trying to coerce me away" and had stopped feeding him.

He also claimed he had "never been expected to contribute to household expenses, or assisted with chores and the maintenance of the premises".

"They said, 'you need to get a job, you need to get health insurance, '" he said. "We will take whatever actions are necessary".

"So I'm expecting something like that". Michael, who represented himself in court, argued with the judge, saying he was entitled to at least six more months of living in the family home, located in Camillus, near Syracuse, New York. Michael replied; "My business is my business".

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