Prank likely behind odd discovery of vehicle dangling from bridge near DVP

A car hangs from the Millwood bridge on Wednesday

A car hangs from the Millwood bridge on Wednesday

A blue sedan was spotted swaying back-and-forth from a rope underneath the Millwood Overpass Bridge, south of Don Mills Road. The vehicle was found dangling below the bridge during rush hour traffic with some windows missing.

Investigators are now treating it as a prank and have opened a public mischief probe in to the incident. "I've been on these trails for years and years and I've just never seen anything like it".

But for now the mystery remains (unlike the vehicle which was lowered safely to the ground by Toronto firefighters) up in the air.

Toronto police said the area below has been cordoned off and the vehicle does not pose a safety risk.

By about 8 a.m. ET, the mystery appeared to have been solved, with police tweeting that the auto is part of a movie shoot. Caroline de Kloet said, according to CTVNews.

"Through our sources at city hall and other sources we can confirm that it was not a movie shoot and as such, with the help of Toronto Fire Services, we cut the auto down".

City of Toronto spokesperson Wynna Brown also confirmed that the city did not issue a permit in relation to the stunt.

In place of the "incidents" just in case sent the ambulance, and one of the lanes on the Don Valley Parkway, leading to the South, blocked the auto of the emergency services.

Toronto Mayor John Tory told the media that he could not understand the incident. "I was just shaking my head in disbelief", he told reporters.

"If it's a prank, then obviously the law should apply to people who are doing things like that".

Online, people theorized that the auto was part of a prank by engineering students.

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