President Xi Jinping greets China on International Labour Day

Labour Day has its origins in a movement mobilised by the labour union at the time of rising industrialization

Labour Day has its origins in a movement mobilised by the labour union at the time of rising industrialization

The first of May is a national public holiday in many countries worldwide, in most cases as "Labour Day", "International Workers' Day" or May Day.

Most countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1, known as May Day and International Workers' Day. It was traditionally celebrated by villagers with bonfires and rituals to protect crops and cattle, along with a big feast, Newsweek reported.

It was in 1904 when the Sixth Conference of the Second International, a labour rights group operating in the U.S. called for trade unions of all countries to hold demonstrations on First of May while demanding the legal establishment of an 8-hour working day and the class demands of the proletariat.

Thousands of demonstrators march through downtown to City Hall in one of several May Day marches and rallies in southern California and in at least 75 cities nationwide to press for immigrant and labor rights in Los Angeles, May 1, 2007.

Labour is just not a person who work in the factories or at construction sites but also every individual who works in MNC and seats in front of the computer. OR became the first state to recognize Labor Day as an official public holiday in 1887.

Thank former president Grover Cleveland for the disparity. It has its roots in pagan festivals, which is why it often features men dressed up in amusing clothes, dancing around a stick.

On that day, 40,000 workers in Chicago and more than 300,000 laborers from 13,000 businesses across the US staged walkouts, with the proclamation backed by the country's biggest labor organization at the time, the Knights of Labor.

How do you plan to show gratitude to your workforce?

The latest Google Doodle celebrates Labour Day with an illustration showing the Google logo being assembled by a variety of tools and surrounded by things such as builders' helmets, a spade and pipes.

"The best workers, like the happiest livers, look upon their work as a kind of game: the harder they play the more enjoyable it becomes".

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