Reggie Bush Says Donald Trump Needs To 'Stay In His Lane'

Reggie Bush Says Donald Trump Needs To 'Stay In His Lane'

Reggie Bush Says Donald Trump Needs To 'Stay In His Lane'

This move is in direct response to the Colin Kaepernick protest.

Others have taken a less stringent stance, emphasizing working together with the players in their communities rather than focusing on how the message about social injustice is being delivered. "Especially when that ill affects almost 70% of its players as African-Americans".

The president's constant caterwauling, digital and analog, has incensed his many supporters who love America, but never bothered to read the Constitution. Other players have experienced what Kaepernick was protesting first hand. Ratings declined by 10 percent in 2017 over the previous season. It remained a hot topic for about the next month and gradually faded away.

If the NFL quashed the protests, then people in favor of allowing the demonstrations to happen would claim that a league of predominantly black players and white team owners was choosing to stifle the opinions of minorities, one of the very issues the players said they were protesting. It struck a nerve inside myself as a military person as it did numerous other veterans who've turned their backs on the National Football League because of it. "People in high places are trying to divide us, divide loyalties, make this about the flag as if the flag is something other than it really is - which is a representation of what we're about, which is diversity, peaceful protests, right to free speech". I haven't walked in any of those men's shoes.

"It was two years ago and we still haven't done anything". I thought there was a better way to protest, however, that opportunity is lost now. Thus, any player can continue their protest in a less public manner. But for him to say anybody who doesn't follow his viewpoints or his constituents viewpoints should be kicked out of the country is not very empathetic. Nothing was further from the truth. And their method is completely un-American.

In our opinion, this new policy strikes an appropriate balance between not forcing players to stand for the anthem if they feel strongly about it, but also protects the interests of the league, which nearly certainly felt a financial impact as a direct result of the anthem controversy. If that isn't a slap in the face to the NFL Players Association I don't know what is.

You know what else was a fantastically bad idea? Eight to ten owners had privately been telling people they favored keeping the old policy. It's the First Amendment.

In the end, the league voted with its wallets. Many responded to the NFL's new policy by criticizing the league for failing to protect freedom of speech.

A portion of those profits have come from payments made by the Department of Defense to the NFL.

That isn't a courageous act or even a smart one. They're not serving the league well nor are they serving the players well.

"I don't expect it will be an issue for us one way or another". America is a true melting pot.

It might not make you proud to be an American.

But as for what he intends to do this upcoming season, he told the AP, "I guess we'll cross that road when it comes". But he's just being more divisive, which is not surprising. "It's not what this country was founded upon". "Why can the National Football League come up with rules [about kneeling] when we have women abused, getting killed, murdered?" If they did, they might find themselves looking for work the next day.

Trump and Pence hijacked the kneeling protest, lying about its intent, like they lied about "Spygate" to pander to Trump's base. Since respect is so important during the national anthem, it seems appropriate that security personnel be readily available to remove those who shout "Hoos" instead of respectfully standing silent or singing along with the anthem.

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